The Corner Perspective

The view of sitting in the corner. The other day while I was eating chocolate brownies I noticed that my family left the corner piece. I personally didn’t mind the corner piece, so I took it and ate it. Thinking about the brownie situation caused me to ponder why no one likes anything to do with the corners. In school no one ever likes sitting in the corner, nor do they like sitting in the corner of a restaurant. The corner seat,┬álike a piece of brownie is unfavorable. Later on I discovered that Everyone hates the corner piece because its hard and it tastes like cardboard, but the middle pieces are soft and chewy, YUM. Brownies are so delicious especially triple chocolate fudge brownies, man I could really use some brownies and some warm milk right now. Enough talking about brownies, lets look at the major components that make the corner seat unfavorable.

3 Reasons why the corner seat sucks.

You Can’t see anything

Cobwebs and dead bugs in the corner

In an earthquake you would be doomed

3 reasons Why I like the corner

A sense of concentration, for studying

Unnoticeable, can hid from the teacher

Great chilling spot

While sitting in any corners your perspective on things will be different. You may feel that a restaurant has terrible service, because the waiter hasn’t checked on you, but the restaurant could have great service and it might just be the fact that he doesn’t notice you. Corner seats are a sense of concentration for me. While in the library I enjoy sitting in the nice comfy couch in the corner next to the light stand where I can enjoy a good novel without being disturbed. While sitting in the corner of a classroom you can be unnoticeable and the teacher wont pick you. Overall different people have different views on the corner, and all that really matters is that you find a nice place to sit where you can enjoy your delicious triple chocolate fudge brownies along with some warm milk, while you read your interesting novel.